Zenprop Property Holdings

Zenprop is one of the largest property investment and development companies in South Africa. Since its launch in 1998, the group has developed an excellent record, with many of its industry peers regarding it as a ‘best-of-breed’ developer. Zenprop’s property portfolio comprises a formidable mix of prime core investments – retail, offices, industrial and warehousing, and hospitality. The Zenprop principals and executive team have over a century of combined successful experience in developing and investing in property across the world.

Zenprop is the commercial and retail developer of Riverlands.

Zenprop Property Holdings


In 2012, John Rabie, the founder of the Rabie Property Group, launched Signatura. Initially, Signatura concentrated on bespoke residential developments in Cape Town’s City Bowl and Atlantic Seaboard. However, the company soon diversified into large-scale mixed-use buildings providing world-class luxury, outstanding architecture and intelligent lifestyle design. Signatura has a proven record when it comes to developments in and around Cape Town, with The Onyx and WEX1, along with Arbour Nature Estate in George all having been undeniable successes.

Signatura is the residential developer of Riverlands.

Vivid Architects

Vivid was founded in 1998 with a firm belief in strong design and impeccable, world-class delivery for its clients. Vivid, and its talented team of designers and architects, focus on medium to large-scale commercial architecture comprising offices, retail, apartments, hotels, safari lodges, conference facilities, industrial, master planning, and mixed-use solutions. Vivid has a passion for bespoke residential design and is responsible for several projects combining bespoke pedestrian bridges, pavilions, and fully integrated landscape solutions.

Vivid are the architects responsible for the design of the Riverlands residential buildings and the Riverlands Mall and Offices.

Paragon Architects

Paragon Architects is acknowledged as an innovator and thought leader in architecture across South Africa and Africa. With a diverse portfolio that ranges across various sectors, they view architecture as a craft. Their work is driven by a deep passion for the process of architecture. Paragon Architects embraces technology and all it offers as the enabling connector between architecture and other design disciplines.

Paragon Architects are responsible for the design of the campus of office buildings that form the continental headquarters of a large multinational corporation.

Noero Architects

Noero Architects was formed in Johannesburg in 1984. In 2000, the practice relocated to Cape Town, and now has offices in Cape Town and Port Elizabeth. Noero Architects has received both local and international awards, including the Lubetkin Prize from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2006, the Ralph Erskine Prize from the Nordic Association of Architects in 1993, and the Icon Award for Building of the Year from Icon Magazine in London in 2013.

Noero Architects are the architects responsible for the design of the First Nations Heritage Centre in Riverlands.

Planning Partners

Planning Partners is a multi-disciplinary firm with a wide range and depth of expertise with regard to urban and regional planning, master planning, project planning and landscape architecture. The firm has clients worldwide and is committed to a holistic approach in which these disciplines are integrated in order to deliver quality environments. The firm’s planning and design experience spans a period of more than 45 years and ranges from regional plans, large residential and golf estates to marinas, resorts and commercial precincts.

Planning Partners is responsible for the design and implementation of the impressive two-hectare Eco Park at Riverlands, as well as all the other planting and hard landscaping throughout the entire precinct.

Perch Short Stays

Perch is Signatura’s dedicated short-stay management firm. Perch delivers a seamless turnkey service encompassing online advertising on all major booking platforms, a top-notch concierge service, meticulous cleaning, maintenance, laundry care, and restocking of essentials. Leveraging substantial efficiencies of scale, Perch’s services cost significantly less than any comparable option available, making it the ultimate choice for hassle-free, profitable hospitality management.

Perch is one of the approved Airbnb operators at Sunbird, and will allow investors to tap into the high-earning short-term rental market with complete confidence and convenience.

Bunny Digital

Bunny Digital, is Signatura’s in-house internet service provider, and is renowned for its user-friendly, lightning-fast, cost-effective connectivity. Residents at Sunbird will have the option to choose from a range of uncapped packages, offering download speeds from a swift 20 Mbps to an astounding 1 Gbps, all at the most competitive prices in the country. In today’s work-from-anywhere world, internet access is a pivotal factor, especially for short-term rentals.

Bunny Digital’s pre-installed fibre optic cabling and integrated WiFi units in Sunbird will provide almost instant online connectivity for both permanent residents and short-stay guests.


BetterBond is one of South Africa’s leading bond originators and has gained a reputation for securing the best home loans for its clients thanks to its innovative products and solutions. BetterBond has strong, long-standing industry partnerships with a broad network of real estate companies, property practitioners and South Africa’s major banks. These partnerships enable them to deliver highly competitive home loans that empower their clients to become homeowners.

BetterBond are the official bond originator for residential buyers in Riverlands.